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Things to do in London: My London Bucket List

Recently, I have shared a few listicle posts which I really love making and the interactions they bring from the blogging community are fab! With that in mind, following my Summer Bucket List and A-Z of pure loves, I have decided to share my London bucket list.

I have lived in London since 2013, so I have had a long time to get cracking on my bucket list. However, I still keep adding things to my list so I feel like I will never ‘be done’ with London.

This list is based on the things I wrote in a notebook when I first moved to London which I am always updating and developing. Let me know how much of this list you have done or would like to do on any trip to the capital.

To Do List in London

  • See The Lion King on the West End Stage
  • Take a pedal boat out on the lake at Alexandra Palace or Kensington Gardens
  • Go on an open top bus tour in the day time
  • Go on an open top bus tour in the night time
  • Climb over the o2 arena
  • Go to The Notting Hill Carnival over the August Bank Holiday weekend
  • Have afternoon tea at the Ritz or somewhere on Park Lane
  • Zip wire over London
  • Go free jumping at Oxygen
  • Play golf at the Junkyard in Camden
  • Go to a New Year’s Eve party in the city with someone I love and watch the fireworks
  • Have a cocktail at The American Bar on the Strand
  • See Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall
  • Have a night out or brunch at Ballie Ballerson in Shoreditch
  • Have breakfast at Duck and Waffle
  • Go to a 24 hour cafe/bar, at a really random time like 2am on a Tuesday morning
  • Climb the dome at St Paul’s cathedral
  • Go to Searcy’s at the top of the Gherkin for cocktails (30 St Mary Axe)
view of the london eye with the thames and blue sky

Ticked Off To Dos in London

  • Brunch at Sketch in Mayfair (one of the Insta famous places I wasn’t disappointed with)
  • Cocktails and sushi at Sushi Samba (one of my favourite places to eat)
  • Had a picnic in a park where there are wild deer (Richmond Park and Bushy Park)
  • Been on the London Eye
  • Visited the top of The Shard (the best view in all of London)
  • Been to Sky Garden
  • Attended a live TV show audience (way too many times)
  • Have seen or met famous people casually in the city
  • Have seen the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace
  • Christmas shop at Harrods
  • Down the Thames on a riverboat
  • Gone to the top, and across, Tower Bridge
  • Seen a musical on the West End (Cats is still a big fave!)
  • Visited the Cereal Killer Cafe in Shoreditch
  • Visited Kensington Palace and the Gardens
  • Spent an afternoon at Primrose Hill
  • Visited Winter Wonderland and check out the Christmas lights on Oxford Street/Carnaby Street
  • Tried the famous breakfast at Dishoom
  • Been to London Zoo and attended Zoo Nights
  • Had brunch at Elan’s (because my name is Ellen…)

When I was looking at my list, I noticed I included WAY too many places that I wanted to eat at in the city, so I think that may be a whole other post.

Have you tried any of these things? What would you most like to try? Let me know in the comments below.

38 thoughts on “Things to do in London: My London Bucket List”

  1. I’m pretty sure I want to go back to London just for Cereal Killer Cafe ahahaha. Love the idea of this though, I loooove being a tourist in my home city/area, there’s so much to explore.

    Megan | xo

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    1. It’s such an amazing cafe I think there is also one in Birmingham, maybe more places! Being a tourist at home is so good. I got to be a tourist in Durham in May showing my boyfriend around and it was good to look at it in another light x


    1. That is so amazing! I’ve wanted to climb over for ages now but I live practically the opposite end of London (almost Heathrow) so it takes a good two hours to get across that way some times with all the tube ‘improvement’ closures! The Lion King looks amazing but a few people have agreed that the tickets are insane…


  2. Wow! It’s been 3 years almost I’m living in London and I haven’t done half of these hahaha
    So many thing to catch up! I have seens the Lion king, went to the Shard and Skygarden among others but there’re still a lot I haven’t done! Thanks for sharing this list!


  3. I haven’t been to London in ages and should really think about a weekend away there. Thank you for the advice on things to do, there is nothing wrong with having loads of restaurants to visit, food places with good company make for a great time. The Notting Hill carnival looks amazing and has always been something I’ve wanted to do. Have a great weekend.
    Kate x

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    1. You should! It’s the perfect place so explore. I have so many places yet to try in London for food and bars I think look good. I was thinking about going to the Carnival this weekend but if rain is forecast maybe I’ll leave it! There is always next year x

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    1. Oh yeah? I have heard so many things about it, I think one day I’ll just bite the bullet and remortgage and get tickets …I’ve never been a Harry Potter fan but I have heard that it is a really good tour too ♥

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  4. These are great! I’ve done a fair few also, but can definitely recommend watching Cirque at Royal Albert Hall (or anything at that venue is simply awesome!) and Lion King is still one of the best musicals of all time.

    I would love to have breakfast at Dishoom and I still have to go to the top of the Shard (eeekkk!!)

    Great bucket list! ☺️

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    1. I have never heard anyone say they didn’t love the Lion King so I think I will make that priority next year! Cirque is always around my birthday and I always find myself doing other stuff but I must get to it at some point as well! The breakfast at Dishoom is delicious – but it took me 4 years of living in London before getting to try it! I love the Shard – the bar and atmosphere/whole experience is worth every penny. Try to go as it is getting dark and then you can see the city from two perspectives. So beautiful ♥ x

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      1. Thank you for the tip about the Shard – I’ll send some hints to the hubby for our anniversary 😊. We’ve seen quite a few Cirques thus far and it was truly magical – it’ll be a great birthday gift 😜 xxx

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      2. It would be so lovely for an anniversary – it was a rainy February afternoon when I was there and it was still good (even better when the rain stopped and it got dark). I am feeling Cirque or Lion King for my birthday next year for sure! x

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  5. I love your list! Seeing the Lion King on London’s West End would be perfect, my sister has been twice(!) bit never invited me lol. I also want to see Matilda. I’ve walked past the Cereal Killer cafe a couple of times in Camden Market but haven’t been to eat there, yet.

    … I didn’t know you could zip wire over London?!

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    1. The zip wire thing wasn’t a permanent thing, it’s gone now and I didn’t get to do it 😞 but I’m waiting to go back to the Cereal place as it is so good! Your sister needs to invite you next time, everyone i know that’s seen it says it’s Fab! X😜


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