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Favourite Festive Films

This time of year we appear to get inundated with Christmas films on TV. From the classics like White Christmas to recent comic takes on December 25 like Four Christmases, we are all sure to catch at least one over the festive period. Even if we don’t, the chances of us catching something fake-festive; meaning it isn’t really Christmassy, but it is always on at Christmas, like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins or The Railway Children (?!), are very high indeed.

As someone who has not owned a TV for over 5 years now, the reality of watching these movies means I generally have to really love something if I fancy watching it. With this, here are some Christmas films I like to watch in December, usually out of ritual more than anything else, and some others that I tend to avoid.

brown beside fireplace near brown wicker basket
It’s that time of year when snuggling by the fire with a film is socially accepted! (YAY!)

The Favourites:

The Holiday – starring Kate Winslet and Co. It’s the holiday film that everybody knows. Not too traditional, it manages to bypass the cringe factor that saturates the majority of Christmas films which is the main reason I like it. That and my super huge love for Ms Winslet.

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol – starring Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge, and of course the Muppets, has to be my favourite Christmas film. This is also my favourite version of the Charles Dickens classic festive tale. Comical and cute, I usually watch this one on Christmas Eve with my family and this year I hope to make my man watch it too – who is celebrating his first proper Christmas this year. (So no pressure there then!)

The Snowman – starring…a cartoon snowman that comes to life in the night. What more really needs to be said about this one other than we are walking in the air… 

Other than those three, I tend to avoid Christmas films. Classics that I like to give a wide berth to around the holiday period include Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone and Elf. Although, this year I might just have to see the new Grinch movie, because the dog in the posters looks so cute!

See, how cute?

What are your favourite Christmas films to watch at this time of year, and what classics do you tend to avoid?

16 thoughts on “Favourite Festive Films”

  1. Love this post as I really love the topic about movies! The holiday is also on my toplist along side some Christina Milian`s movies like Christmas cupid! When it comes to avoiding….hmm….I definetly avoid Home alone I mean I`d watch it if it`s on but I couldn`t chose it myself!

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  2. I have a hard time narrowing down some of my favorites. I love White Christmas with Bing Crobsy, the old claymation Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, The Santa Clause… Love Actually
    I absolutely adore (I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes…). –

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  3. I’ll watch most things as long as it’s not “Jason and the Argonauts ” for the 6millionth time…….tediousness…….
    Bruce Willis in a grubby vest does me….yippee kye aye…..🙃🙃🙃👅


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