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Winter Bucket List

Back in July, I posted my Summer Bucket List of things I wanted to do over the summer months of 2018. Seeing as we are now in the middle of winter two thousand and eight-about-to-be-nineteen, I figured it was about time to take my winter version* live so I can get cracking on it.

*I am taking winter to be October 2018 through to the end of March 2019

  1. Watch the sunriseThis was on my summer bucket list and it is not something I managed to do. I am keeping it on my winter bucket list as the sun rises much later in the winter so this might be more achievable… maybe.
  2. Freejumping – Again, this was on my summer list but it was something I never got around to, mainly because it was just so damn glorious outside, it was a shame to be indoors. Fortunately, the same can’t be said for these London winters, so I hope to tick this off soon.
  3. Tickets to ChicagoDONE! This one got ticket off in early November. I finally saw the show on the West End and you can read my thoughts here.
  4. Successfully pitch to a publicationAfter taking two years ‘off’ from writing pitches and putting myself ‘out there’, I am finally getting back into the swing of writing (after my university graduation) and before winter ends, I want to have pitched something, to someone, somewhere and had it be a success, and yes, I am keeping it that broad.

    scenic view of mountain during dawn
    There is something about the morning sky in winter that is more brooding
  5. Explore more towns and cities in the UKI would like to get my butt back up to Edinburgh as it has been about 6 years since I was last there and it is one of my favourite places in the UK. I am also looking at mini trips to cities such as Bath and Cambridge before winter is over.
  6. Don’t get fired from my job or made redundant or quit – A bit of a funny one here, but starting my current job only in September, it is one of my goals not to lose that job for a few more months yet, or quit it!
  7. Plan a city breakThis one has already been ticked off three times over. I have already been to Warsaw (more on that soon), I am about to book Milan or Barcelona for January and Istanbul is already booked for my birthday in February. Role on 2019!
  8. Go to Winter Wonderland with my manDONE! We both managed to schedule a day last Tuesday where we were both off work, so I got this one all ticked off. More on that visit soon too!

    Bigger and better than ever this year
  9. Plan a good New Year’s EveNYE is notoriously terrible for me for a number of reasons. Last year my boyfriend took it upon himself to make sure that New Year’s Eve 2018 would be a good one. Luckily for me, he has already arranged some celebrations including party tickets and booking a dinner in Central London so fingers crossed that this one is a goodie!
  10. Celebrate turning 25As of a few weeks ago I didn’t really have anything planned, but when my man messaged me at the office to say he’d booked flights to Istanbul after finding a deal we couldn’t refuse for my February big day, I guess the cogs have started to turn on this one too.
  11. Go to winter Zoo NightsI went to the summer one (which you can read about here) and it was fantastic. I love the zoo, even in the middle of winter, going for my freezing February birthday in 2018.
  12. Host my first Christmas This year for the first time, I have decided to get my parents down to London so I can cook Christmas dinner for them and spend it at my home, instead of ‘going back home’ for the festivities. Wish. Me. Luck. 

Not to be confused with New Year’s resolutions (it is much too early for that yet, right?), what do you want to get done this winter?

33 thoughts on “Winter Bucket List”

  1. I’m so looking forward to Christmas lunch
    Just being away from home and with the guys we love most in the world makes it special
    Lurve ooo heaps and heaps and heaps 🎅🤶🎅🤶🎅🤶

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  2. Winter Zoo, Turkey 25 and exploring British cities sounds so good 😍👌🏼
    Best of luck with you winter bucket list and keep us updated xx😃😃😃

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  3. Wow what a list! Makes me wanna make my own though we don’t have winter here in the Philippines. 🤣
    Thank you for such a wonderful blog! Have a merry Christmas! ❤

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    1. Thank you for reading ♥️ You should make a list ….for the next six months 😁 Always good to be working towards something new! Happy Christmas to you too. (lucky you, having no winter by the way, I hate the cold!)


  4. Exploring more UK city sounds fantastic. UK has always been my dream destination. Each of the ideas in your bucket list is so cute. All the best in fulfilling your goals.

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  5. These are lovely ideas! I’ve been wanting to go back to Winter Wonderland myself, I went a couple of years ago and had a lot of fun there. Also ice skating outside the National History Museum again is on my list. A little closer to home, I’d like to see the light show at either Westonbirt or Longleat.

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    1. It’s insane how busy Wonderland gets, each year there’s more people! I do love a good light show 😍 I’d love to go skating too because I’ve never tried it and it’s one of those things every year I tell myself I will do! *must do in 2019!* 😏


  6. Love this! I really should make a seasonal bucket list… I get so distracted by my life bucket list that the days just seem to fall away. I definitely agree with you about exploring more places in the UK, despite being quite well travelled I am woefully ignorant about many spots in my own country! Thanks for the inspo 🙂

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