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Christmassy Things I Just Don’t Like

Christmas is one of those times where everyone is expected to be merry. Now that the anticipation of it all is over for another year, it’s time to come face to face with the things that are just not that great about Christmas. So move over Ebeneezer, this is the cinnamon scented stuff I just can’t stick…

  • Brussel sproutsI don’t hate sprouts, but at Christmas there’s a load of them about and if they are not done right they end up being really mushy and that is what I don’t like!
  • Peppermint flavour everythingIt just reminds me of polos.
  • ElvesI can’t even really explain this one, they’re just weird. Humans dressed as them = weird. Elves on shelves = weirder. Curly shoes with bells on = nope.

blur celebration christmas christmas decoration

  • Crowds – I don’t like shopping at the best of times so it’s at this time of year I really revel in the joys of clicking and collecting.
  • The pressure on people to be happyThis one is a lot deeper than the others on the list, but many people feel overwhelmed this time of year by the chaos of everything and how everywhere seems to tell you what you must be buying and how many parties you should be going to.
  • Carol SingersDing dong merrily on…no. Just, no. Especially in train stations at rush hour.

crowded people and ferris wheel painting

  • Work Christmas Parties – No Sharon, I don’t want to do secret Santa or photocopy a body part. 
  • Half naked Christmas treesYou know the ones; there’s likely one in your local post office or supermarket foyer. They have barely any baubles and not nearly enough lights.
  • People opening their giftsWait, I will explain. After you spend ages wrapping them and making everything look so pretty – TRRRRRR, and it’s gone. Ribbons, bows and all things sparkly torn off and shoved into a bin liner. #gutted.

Hopefully this post put a smile on your face and maybe made you think just what about the holidays you’re not a fan of. Let me know below what you could do with ditching at this time of year.

17 thoughts on “Christmassy Things I Just Don’t Like”

    1. The naked trees are so sad aren’t they? Oh yeah, I forgot about the cleaning. It wasn’t too bad before Christmas, but cleaning yesterday took a few hours after all the food! Worth it though … 🙂 I hope you had a good one x

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  1. This post made me laugh. I completely u understand what you mean about the crowds and the expectation to be happy at Christmas time. People are very quick to call you a Scrooge or The Grinch! For Christmas presents, I’m a little evil and use too much tape lol, they have to fight for their gifts.

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  2. 1. Buying gifts for folk you never see and don’t care about but are “family ”
    2. TV “specials at Christmas OMG e.g. bake off trees were so green in the background and there they were in a tinsel festooned tent……
    Throwing tinsel round the set doesn’t make Christmas….
    3. Soap storylines.. at least 4 fights..3 accidents…a birth and a death as a given…all on Xmas day..while No one takes any notice cos they’re in the pub.
    I had a very special Xmas thanks to the people I love most in the world making it so…you know who you are…love you loads 🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌

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    1. Those “family” members 😐 that’s the worst, I don’t bother with that. If I don’t see you, you’re not getting a gift most of the time! 🙄 Haha that’s so funny about the Christmas specials. I don’t have a TV so that’s not something I notice. It’s good you enjoyed your Christmas. I’m back at work tomorrow 😒


    1. They really are! I went into a Nike store yesterday and it was like feeding time at the zoo. Clothes and shoes all over the floors and about 50 people in the queue. Thank you for reading and sharing ♥️ x


  3. I can’t think of anything I hate about Christmas, apart from being at work but luckily I managed to get a swap and spent the day with my gf 😃😃

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