Wise Wandering with Lighter Luggage

With the accessibility to cheap flights seemingly better than ever, the joy of a £20 plane ride to a random city can have the dampeners put on it by the hefty implication of the luggage fee. With more and more budget airlines changing their baggage policies every other day, yes Ryanair, I am looking at you, it can be hard to feel like you have landed yourself a bargain when the cost of checking in your suitcase costs you more than your flight and accommodation combined. So I thought I would share a quick list of what I like to (try and) do when planning a trip with no checked luggage.

several bags on trolley near train in station

Plan Ahead

Whilst the spontaneity of it all can serve as a large part of the appeal for many of us, it is important that you are realistic about what you intend to do on your trip. Check the weather and dress accordingly – convince yourself you do not need your ball gown or three piece suit and pack multipurpose items that you will be able to re-wear a couple of times. What I wear on an evening one day I try to wear during the day on another. Granted this one can’t really work if you plan on hiking/getting dirty, but for the quick city break it generally works well, and no, you do not need more than two pairs of shoes! (Usually).

Consider Your Luggage

Whether you are a backpack bunny, a wheely case warrior or an over-sized tote-bag-stuffer, think about how much space you will have to play with and how you will be carrying it around. Conventional suitcases can be hardier and easier to store and move around but limiting if you need your hands and can be a nightmare if you have to pull it over cobbles. Backpacks free up your hands but may need to be removed a lot and can cause pain in the shoulders/back. Think of what works best for you for where you are going. 


Pack Savvy 

We have all heard that it is better to roll your clothes than laying them flat but personally I hate doing this. I never feel like it saves much space anyway and would much rather try packing the stuff that doesn’t matter too much like underwear, socks and sleep garments into the lining or corners of my bag. I find that this makes the bag hold its shape a lot better too.

Is There A Second Bag?

A lot of the time on a budget flight there will be strict regulations on how many pieces of luggage can be taken into the cabin. If you are travelling with an airline that allows you to take a smaller bag as well as your main cabin bag, utilise this as much as you can. I like to make sure all of the things I need the most are in my second bag like my travel documents, phone and makeup/liquids.

Wear The Biggest Things

I have done this for as long as I can remember – even when I used to go on holiday with my parents, I would always be told to wear my heaviest shoes and my biggest jacket to save on weight and space. This is something I still do today – even if it involves me rocking up at airport security in a floor length fur coat and platform stiletto boots… (?)


Liquid Limits

Buying travel size toiletries is a super expensive way to go. Instead, invest in some decent (none leaking) travel size bottles that you can fill up yourself with the product that you usually use. I have bottles for shampoo, conditioner, body wash and facial toner and a small screw lid tub for makeup remover and face wash.

Utilise Duty Free

As I can often not fit a bottle of perfume into my luggage because of the liquid limit, I take a scarf with me and spray that in whatever I fancy at the airport – and I mean load it up! That way it lasts for the duration of your trip and a lot longer than spraying directly onto your skin. And no, I am not encouraging Duty Free purchases, just making good use of the facilities. 

What tips and tricks do you like to use when travelling? Let me know in the comments below.

21 thoughts on “Wise Wandering with Lighter Luggage”

  1. Such great tips! Packing for a short trip can be difficult, especially with the allowances and liquid limits! I love the duty free tip, but I would want to buy the whole of duty free then! 😂

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo

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    1. That is literally always me – haha I never said my tips were easy lol! But it works quite well I think and means you smell lush for days on end without needing to respray! x


  2. Personally I’d pack spare undies and a toothbrush in my handbag…..experience a 23 hour delay in a jumpsuit and you will understand my reasons…..
    Pack light things that can be layered up or down according to weather changes
    And always keep your glasses to hand in case of delays..
    Lots of love 🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌

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  3. 100% onboard with all of your points on packing savvy Ellie. Wearing your heaviest clothes is packing tip 101 without a doubt. Also found the idea of pouring liquid into travel-sized products appealing!

    I’m still pissed off that Ryanair changed their bag policy What’s worst is that a lot of airports I’ve been to since don’t even abide by it so what’s the point in introducing a rule that even airports don’t even seem to care about?

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

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    1. Thank you for reading ♥️ it’s good to transfer them if you can. Some travel size items cost almost as much as the proper size ones! 🤔 Their bag policy is so annoying isn’t it and it changes so frequently too! I guess there’s always going to be a catch for a five pound flight 😩


  4. What brilliant ideas, so easy to pack way more than you need! Plastic reusuable bottles has definitely been the way to go, also guarantees that your skin won’t hate you as you’re still using your normal products. Great post!

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  5. Always check your wallets and remove all the loyalty cards/bank or credit cards/ junk and receipts before you go to the holidays. It definitely helps.

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  6. I’ve almost always flown with budget airlines whenever I’m going within Europe and have thus far never checked a bag. Your tips are spot on, I always wear my heaviest shoes and outerwear. I always take a handbag that folds flat if it’s a one piece kind of flight and have found EasyJet to be more lienient as they have never weighed my carry on bags. I did once have to stuff my purse under my jumper when I ran out of room post-Christmas and they were being extra strict about the one piece rule!


    1. Stuffing your purse under your jumper!! It’s crazy how strict some places can be. For me it mostly depends on if I will be shopping where I am visiting – if I am then a checked suitcase is often worth it just to avoid the struggle (like when I went to Istanbul – I knew I would shop hard!) x


    1. I hate it too! Six weeks in a cabin bag is impressive. I always read about full time travellers that do it with just a cabin bag and I’m constantly in awe like HOW is this possible! Thank you for reading ♥


  7. These are great tips for shorter trips where luggage restrictions can come in. I always wear my heaviest shoes and outer wear, and will try to stuff a small handbag into my cabin bag / case. I swear by rolling your clothes though and managed to take a cabin bag only to the US! Until my friend pointed out I may want souvenirs lol.

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    1. That is super impressive for the US – I always try to think about what I might want to buy – like in Istanbul I knew I would be shopping lots so I paid for one checked bag 😦 but it was worth it at least for that trip, plus it was my birthday so I needed space for things I bought under that reason! Thank you so much for reading ♥


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