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Anniversary Blog Post

I guess this post is a little bit different from the type of thing I usually put up on my blog and my reasoning may seem futile. Today, the scheduled date of publishing, is Monday 23rd September and to the majority of people in this world it will be like any other Monday.

For me however it is a day that really needs to be celebrated. As you may have gathered by the title of this post, today (23rd September) is an anniversary. Whilst it is not to commemorate the day I started blogging, it is actually to celebrate two years with my partner.

If you frequent my blog from time to time or indeed know me personally, you will know who I am referring to. Whilst I am not really one to discuss that aspect of my life and very not-romantic in the typical sense, I did want to celebrate the day.

Matching Disney shirts in a theme park is always a good idea, right?

Last year, we went off to Prague for five days for our first year anniversary, and what was actually our first trip abroad as a couple. This year we went to Aberdeen in Scotland. Keeping relatively local, although it is still over an hour on the plane from London, we both wanted to continue to see as much of the UK as possible, so I will have some Aberdeen content coming soon.

365 days after our celebrations in Prague, we have made it through another year and it feels like the right time to let everyone know how we met. In short, it was on Tinder. Yes, after a number of pretty atrocious dates which may actually make for a hilarious, (or maybe disturbing) Carrie Bradshaw-esque series on my blog, I met my Mr.

We do like to get all dressed up 

The best part is I don’t think either of us had particularly high hopes for our first date, purely because Tinder is not exactly what you would call the best of matchmakers. Even after all my failures and terrible dates I was optimistic that “this one might be ok”, maybe. By okay I was living in hope that my date would not abandon me to move his car mid way through our date, have a criminal record, be secretly under the age of 20 or tell me he would message me a Google style review after our date. (All of these are literally the top of the Tinder-berg in terms of crappy dates I have had over the years).

Whilst being told a bunch of times that my expectations were too high, I refused to give up. After our initial ‘match’ we actually chatted for a few weeks before being able to align our schedules to go on a date. The sheer fact that we chatted for this long was really something in itself.

My ‘Zoo Nights’ partner in crime…

Due to working conflicts, for our first date we went for lunch at a Mexican restaurant in the Euston area of London. After this, we went for dessert at The Shard and then on to drinks at a pub in London Bridge. It is safe to say that it was one of the better first dates for sure.

Two years later my Mr, who I feel as though I should properly introduce as Farhan, has helped me in so many aspects of my life, I can’t begin to put into words how grateful I am. With him living in Hillingdon Borough and me in somewhere in Surrey when we first met, we both now share a home in West London, which we moved into earlier this year.

I am so excited for our future and what lies in store for us. Between today and the next anniversary, I hope we get to see so much of the world and continue to build our memories and life together. I also hope we can get a dog, but I guess we will have to see on that one!

Thank you for reading this post – I know it is a bit different to what I usually post. If you got this far, well done and thank you for sticking with it. 

30 thoughts on “Anniversary Blog Post”

  1. These two years are literally the best time of my life. Being with an amazing, beautiful, smart and supportive girlfriend is absolutely perfect. Thank you for always being there for me. Love you more than anything ❀️

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  2. Ah this is so cute, happy anniversary for yesterday! That’s such an amazing first date! I think Tinder used to be known as a dodgy app but I’ve seen so many people talking about how they met their long term partner on there. I hope you had a lovely time in Aberdeen!

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    1. Literally! It used to have such a bad rep. I remember making a documentary about it in Uni and how it was slandered in like 2014 but now when people ask how we met it always leads to stories of other people who knows someone who knows someone that met on Tinder and are going really strong! We need a Justice for Tinder campaign πŸ˜‚


  3. Congratulations and happy anniversary lovely! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’ve never tried tinder but I did meet my current boyfriend online, just through a different platform. Sorry about those previous bad experiences, it was nice you didn’t give up hope and got to eventually meet Farhan! xx

    Geraldine |

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and your well-wishes πŸ™‚ Tinder gets such a bad reputation but more and more people are meeting on it from what I’ve heard! Online in general is a great way to meet people given how most of us spend so much of our time these days! X


    1. Thank you so much. I hope to get my posts written in the next week or so – got lots to share, even if they don’t go live for a few weeks yet! Thank you for reading and commenting and for your well wishes 😘 Our anniversary was great πŸ˜€

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  4. Farhan is by far the best thing to come from dating apps.
    It’s adorable and heart warming to see you two so happy together may it always be so.
    Love the bones of both of you

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    1. The best thing to come from dating apps β™₯ I love this so much – he really is the best thing to be fair. I was thinking to share some of my horror stories on my blog about the dates that I had – get in the spirit of Halloween and all πŸ˜‚. I’m glad that you and others can tell how happy we are together – it should always be that way in life β™₯


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