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Onto Pastures New

Hello, and welcome to my new look blog!

2021 was very much the year that I essentially abandoned social media accounts, my blog and even my freelancing. While I posted here and there once or twice, in 2021 I generally felt quite disconnected from all things social and that included my blog.

However, in 2021, while I was stepping back from my freelance work, I was working on developing a targeted professional portfolio. I put zero pressure on myself to do this and took the best part of eight months to get everything in order.

What Have I Been Up To?

In this time, I set up my brand new website, purchased my own domain for my blog (yay) and completely overhauled the two of them to satisfyingly coordinate. I even recategorized my blog here at Ellie’s London to be more in line with what I want. Talk about productivity.

After working for 2 years in a part time customer service role, in early autumn, I managed to secure a full time role as a content writer for a technology company. WOOHOO!

Putting a pin in my freelancing, and hopefully closing the door on my customer service days for good, I hope that I will now be able to dedicate more time to writing for ‘fun’ – here on my blog.

Looking to the Future

If I learned anything in 2021 it was definitely how to step back from social media and really cherish the time that gives you. It’s been a pretty crazy 2 years for everyone and we all know the importance of living in the moment.

We all know there is more to life than likes and shares. We all know this, but it can be hard to put it into practice some days and it can be deflating when your lovely latest post doesn’t perform as well as you’d like. Well, who cares? 2021 was my worst year ever in terms of my blog statistics – and you know what? That’s absolutely fine with me.

Once you take the time to work out a way to be OK with the things that you find disappointing, it gives you a whole new outlook on life. Plus there’s that old adage, if you keep doing things the same way, you can’t really expect different results.

I mean, with my blog, I posted a handful of times in 2021 – how could that possibly be close to being a ‘good’ year? I wanted to get a new post out in the New Year, but here we are, 7 weeks in and you know what? That’s absolutely fine.

So now that I am back on the blogging horse, I want to start by asking – how are you?

6 thoughts on “Onto Pastures New”

  1. You know what I’m good.
    It’s a joy that we all survived and lived to tell the tale.
    Here’s to a FABULOUS year where we all get together as much as we can.
    Love you
    Moose 😘😍😍

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