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Eating Out In Pisa

You might recall, from my Unconventional Tips post, I travelled to the famously wonky Italian city of Pisa back in 2020. While it seems like a long time ago now, I have actually had this post in my drafts since before my blogging hiatus. In typical Italian fashion, there was no shortage of lovely dishes to try and wines to sample, eating out in Pisa.

If you are wondering why I don’t seem to have eaten much in Pisa, I was only in the city for about 24 hours in total, breaking up my visit with a day in Florence.

Pisa Pizza Pisa, Piazza Frediano

A great find in the smallest of streets, just off of a square peppered with rowdy locals selling the last of their market stock for the day. This was just one of the places that did a ‘glass’ of wine by the bottle, which was particularly dinky and adorable.

This pizza bar provided us with our first quintessentially Italian snack in the city. A little bit like Bomboloni, this was not actually a doughnut, but more of a bread texture, filled with Nutella, served warm, with icing sugar on the top. Eating out in Pisa was off to a good start.

Ristorante Pizzeria La Tana Pisa

A quiet little restaurant with some typically delightful pizza, I opted for something pretty much a rarity here in the UK, but a common staple on pizza menus in much of Europe. Smoked salmon and spinach on pizza is one of my favourite pizzas and are very hard to find in London, especially ones done well.

My partner picked a meatier option and both were served with the creamiest mozzarella – they type you only really find in Italy.

The next day was my birthday and Florence beckoned. I’ll be sharing my Florentine food exploration very soon!

Pizzeria Due Capperi 

On something of a whirlwind trip, the next day we were back in Pisa and due to fly back to London. We grabbed a pastry from the selection of offerings at our B&B, finished the bottle of prosecco they had gifted me and went about our day.

With time to kill and a tiny city to conquer, we decided to walk from our hotel to the airport, passing through the centre of the city. On the way, we stopped at Pizzeria Due Capperi – a miniscule pizza bar, drawn in by the lines of deliciousness wafting from its doorway.

Snapping up slices in traditional Italian flavours, such as the classic margarita decorated with only tomato, cheese and basil, and a slice covered in a spicy Italian sausage. After this pit stop, I left Capperi really wanting London to open some authentic pizza bars – but we all know it just wouldn’t be the same.

Leonardo Café & Ristoro

After our mid morning snack, we stopped at another of the cities little bistros. This time, we stopped Leonardo’s to focus on a feast of people watching in the winter sunshine. This café is just moments from Tuttomondo, one of the last murals created by American artist Keith Haring. The mural is on the back wall of the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate and definitely makes for some colourful pictures.

As I sat outside in the sun and whiled away a few hours, I sampled on their delectable chocolate muffins (that still counts as food).

While Florence definitely has more to offer the site-seer, Pisa shouldn’t be missed out, especially given that they are so close to one another.

Have you visited Pisa before? Let me know in the comments below.

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